Stronghold 3.0

Stronghold is the ultimate castle building game for Windows users

Stronghold is an attractive game mainly by its fusion of two major genres: the real-time strategy and the cities construction, in this case the game takes place in the Middle Age.
Your goal is to build and maintain a castle, making sure that your citizens are happy and ensuring that your enemies do not exceed the walls of your building.
As in any good strategy game, the basements of your success are in your peasants and soldiers, and in getting some basic resources as food, wood and stone, as well as defending your fortress of foreign attacks.

Another important thing that you will have to do is to check your supplies of raw materials, builds and develop various types of buildings.
In addition, you will have to make grow your people up and you cannot forget to gather an army to take care of your castle and keep it safe.

In conclusion, Stronghold has some impressive graphics, so realistic that reflect even the smallest detail: people, buildings, animals and trees. The soundtrack is good but you have to remember that the environment is in Middle Age, so you will not hear another kind of music.

María Noel Balla
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